Our Practice

Total Person IllustrationDepending on your needs we have multiple approaches to getting you feeling better and on your way to a speedy recovery. There are no two people that are exactly alike. What works for one person may not work for the next person. Dr. Washington will treat each person as an individual and determine what works best for you.

Dr. Washington applies The "Total Person" Concept of Health using a combination of various therapies to get the best results. He takes pride in being thorough and comprehensive in getting to the root cause of your problem and getting you relief as fast as possible. As soon as significant relief is achieved, he will help you find ways to stabilize and prevent the problem from returning.

You might ask, What is The "Total Person" Concept of Health? A large part of our practice involves working with patients who have chronic pain or chronic health issues. In these situations it is important to look at the "Total Person", not just a specific symptom. The "Total Person" triad of health includes three components: structural, chemical , and mental. All three have to be functioning properly for someone to have excellent health. Any one side of this triangle or triad can have a direct effect on the other two sides of the triad. In other words, if the structural part is out of balance, it may effect the mental or chemical side of the triangle. If your neck is tight and the vertebra are out of alignment, possibly irritating a nerve (structural or mechanical misalignment), it can effect your (mental or emotional) outlook or it may effect your (chemical or nutritional) status, since nerves from the neck innervate glands such as the thyroid. In this situation, if chronic neck misalignments are not corrected, it may have an effect on your emotions or body chemistry. This is true of all sides of the "triad of health"; that is one side can effect the other sides. In our office we attempt to balance this "triad of health". Dr. Washington finds that working in all these areas allow for the best results.