Your First Visit

Your initial visit with Dr. Washington consists of a consultation and health history about your chief complaint(s). He may ask you about any significant injuries as a child or an adult. Any surgeries in the past or pending. Many times recent or even old injuries and surgeries leave the muscles and nervous system adapted in a dysfunctional way. Correcting these adaptations can be important in your recovery. A simple, quick, and very effective technique is used to get rid of these adaptations to injuries or surgeries old and new.

After Dr. Washington has gathered all the information needed, he will perform a physical examination using standard medical diagnostic tests and a chiropractic spinal examination. This would include orthopedic and neurological tests, if you are being seen for that type of condition. It may include a muscle strength assessment using manual muscle testing or a nutritional and functional assessment using applied kinesiology (AK). After he has completed his examination, he will advise you of his findings and recommend a course of treatment or a plan of care, if that is what is needed. If he is not confident he can help you, he will make the proper referral to someone who can. In most cases, Dr. Washington will begin chiropractic adjustments or re-alignments on your first visit. During an adjustment, Dr. Washington will apply varying degrees of pressure, to different joints in your spine, to improve its alignment. Adjustments help relieve swelling, pain, stiffness, and pressure on nerves. The adjustment helps improve your spine's range of motion and flexibility, thereby increasing circulation, reducing swelling, decreasing pain and decreasing muscle spasms. For further description of other techniques and services we offer, please go to our section of the web-site called, Therapeutic Methods.

New Patient Forms

You may download our new patient forms, in PDF format, to print at home and prepare prior to your first visit. Depending on the nature of your visit, please download the forms below. The Metabolic Assessment Form is for nutritional consults only.

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